In-venting tomorrow's positive finance.

Vision & Mission

At In-Venture, we believe in the transformative power of finance.


We see investment as a tool for social and environmental change. At the center of human interactions, money and investment are necessary for the development of populations and the fight against exclusion and poverty.

We advocate for a long-term positive finance, where money is invested for the development and valorisation of human work, as well as for the protection of nature.

In-Venture meets and exchanges with the actors and beneficiaries of tomorrow's positive finance to collect the best stories of change.  We give a voice and a face to the leaders of innovative projects and virtuous solutions.


From august to december 2018, we will be travelling through Asia and Africa to meet inspiring actors who develop innovative financial tools to foster an inclusive and sustainable growth in developing countries. 


We are conducting field investigation to study the different forms of positive finance that exist, exploring new tools and providing good practices to enhance the development of the sector.


Our purpose is to share knowledge on positive finance and to raise awareness among citizens and public authorities to promote social change.

Meet the team


the mediator

Specialist in sustainable agricultural policies in Asian economies, Mathilde is the creative force of the team. A relentless optimist, some might say an idealist, she uses her pen and camera to give a voice and a face to men and women who share her vision of a better world. Mathilde is the mediator of the team, the intermediary who puts her imagination and her artistic fiber at the service of the human and environmental values brought by In-Venture.


the campaigner


Specialised in project management and access to energy in developing economies, Flora is also the communication asset of In-Venture. Free-spirited, observant, curious and daring, she does not hesitate to step out of her comfort zone to seek new human experiences and innovative ideas. She is used to live out of a backpack! Flora's interpersonal skills and eloquence make her the team's activist.

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